We base our talks on the following themes/chapters.

Self Mastery for Impactful Leadership

Building self-awareness and resilience for better results

Forging trust in relationships


Mind over circumstance

Engaging with others on one’s own terms

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Standing in the midst of shuttered glasses (Entrepreneurship)

Gain clarity on your identity as a leader

Implement your personal leadership strategy (HOW)

Align your career direction while considering your values in the context of 
the organisation

Unpacking “second-generation” forms of gender bias and the impact thereof on the leadership identity of women

Women in Leadership


The journey towards personal and professional mastery for women


Kick the glass ceiling


Mindfulness in the application of my leadership role

Our Approach

For Business Leaders, the challenge is to sustainably improve performance, grow the business, be more competitive and be more innovative.

Her personal background, interaction with woman Intrapreneurs/Entrepreneurs both as a Business Consultant & Coach has led to this Woman Empowerment Programme

Considering The Value

Our own research, which has also been confirmed by similar research conducted elsewhere, confirms that the quality of an organisation’s leadership community has a direct impact on the level of employee engagement and actual financial results.

The quality of the leadership community correlates directly with the capability and competence of its leaders – and competence is built through leadership development.

Traditionally, woman leadership development programmes focused on two approaches: 1.) “Add woman and stir”, implying a rehash of leadership programmes aimed at men, or 2) “fix-the-woman”, arguing that women have not been socialised or have the skills to compete with men. Both approaches may impart some useful leadership skills, but neither fully addresses organisational realities.

The Solution
  • Women leaders have to navigate between the requirements of the work place and personal roles, which at times may be neither easy nor pleasant.
  • Furthermore, gender bias interferes with the development of an appropriate leader identity for women.
  • We utilise a well- researched framework by utilising identity as departure point, and reveal the implications of gender.
  • Women who embrace a more positive gender identity will be less vulnerable to thoughts and experiences that can potentially threaten their self-regard as effective leaders.
  • The greater regard women leaders have for their gender and leader identities, the less likely they are to suppress any of the two, the more likely they are to “blend” both, and thus the more authentic they will be in performing their professional role.
  • Woman in leadership is not about pointing fingers or casting blame.
  • In the end it is about building gender partnerships, so that we can remove gender bias from our organisation and think about ourselves as a leadership community – instead of male and female leaders.

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Leadership Coaching

One on one Sessions to embed knowledge

Group Sessions to embed knowledge


Personal Mastery for Teenagers

Personal Mastery for Effective Entrepreneurship

Personal Mastery for Impactful Leadership

Journey towards personal & professional Mastery for women

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